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Scottish Ballet, Romeo & Juliet

Scottish Ballet's Romeo & Juliet was undoubtedly the most captivating and heartbreaking show I have ever had the absolute pleasure of photographing. A minimal set and clean cut costumes hand the storytelling over to the score and dancers, who execute it perfectly. 

The moment my heart broke, or more, the moment when it felt like it was being crushed whilst the air was squeezed from my lungs, was when Lord Capulet (Owen Thorne) sits six Capulet boys down in front of Juliet (Sophie Martin) and orders her to dance for them, selling her to the most advantageous ally. Pleading for him to stop and looking to her Mother for help, she agonisingly continues through tears and exhaustion. You believe her when she says that if she has to live like this, then she doesn't want to live at all.

I hope my photographs even slightly illustrate the beauty and tragedy of this Romeo & Juliet.