rose and lee

Rose and Lee got married back in July on the farm that Rose grew up on in Cupar, Fife.

Beautiful day on absolutely every single level - I felt elated on my way home after being able to spend a day with such warm, fun people and in such a stunning Scottish setting. Plus there was the special bonus of getting to spend time with Jez and Liz again! 

It basically summed up everything I love about photographing weddings, so thank you Rose and Lee for having me! 

jez & liz

I met Jez and Liz earlier this year with a few lovely members of their wedding party and we all shared a pot (or three) of tea at Mono in Glasgow. I was sitting down with such a genuine, kind and funny group that I just couldn't wait until the day of their wedding and was so excited to be a part of it. When the day came the skies were grey and umbrellas were warily provided, but nobody really cared. Everyone just wanted to see these two amazing people get married and as they said their vows, the rain started to fall and their closest friends and family smiled from ear to ear as they watched, and may or may not have pretended that their tears were just coincidentally placed drops of rain. I couldn't have asked for a more delightful group of people to spend a day with and wish Jez and Liz the happiest life together - I can't wait to share another pot of tea with them soon! 

rosanne & robin

Rosanne and Robin's beautiful, quiet wedding at Culcreuch Castle.

I first met Rosanne and Robin earlier this year at a coffee shop in Glasgow and they told me that they were having a very small, intimate wedding with just fifteen of their closest family members. They would be returning to the venue of their first date, and where they enjoyed many anniversaries thereafter - the picturesque Culcreuch Castle in Fintry.