ruth & chris


One of my favourite things about photographing weddings is the fantastic array of people who you get to meet and who make you smile and laugh throughout the entire day. That was definitely the case with Ruth, Chris and all of their loved ones and I could feel how genuinely happy everyone was to see these two wonderful people get married. Ruth's smile didn't left her face once! Such a joy from the second we met and I wish them the best future together.

Photographs taken with a Canon 5D MK II and Canon 1V. 


Jillian & Gareth

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I met Jillian and Gareth in summer and couldn't believe my luck. Having never photographed a wedding before, I was fortunate to have been contacted by such a lovely, laid back couple and I couldn't wait for the day to arrive. When it did, nothing had changed - the only thing Jillian worried about was simply how relaxed she was! 

These are just a few of the photos taken that day, on a mix of film and digital. I hope that I captured the day as they hoped I would, and I hope to capture many more in the future.