Spirit and Spice Cookbook




Photographs for Ghillie Basan’s food and whisky pairing cookbook, Spirit & Spice, published by Kitchen Press.

Spending three days at Ghillie’s house in the Cairngorms myself, Ghillie Basan and Emily Dewhurst (Kitchen Press) immersed ourselves in the scenery, smells, comfort and company of Ghillie’s home in the Scottish Highlands to create warm and inviting photographs of her sensational dishes.

The result was published in May 2019

“Spirit & Spice is a portrait of family living and eating in the Scottish Highlands using Scotland’s fabulous produce, wild food and whisky. In Spirit & Spice Ghillie delves into the Scottish larder, using her knowledge of spices to shine a new light on local ingredients. She shares her expertise in pickling, preserving, smoking and cooking outside. She opens up whole new worlds of flavour with her food and whisky pairings and can be relied upon to find a dram to go with any meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner.” - From KitchenPress.co.uk