The Frayed Atlantic Edge


The Frayed Atlantic Edge. Photo by David Gange.

The Frayed Atlantic Edge. Photo by David Gange.

“The story of a breath-taking kayak journey along the weather-ravaged coasts of Atlantic Britain & Ireland. Sitting low in the water, as did millions in eras when coasts were key arteries of trade & communication, Gange describes, in captivating prose & loving detail, the experience of kayaking, coastal living, nature & historical discovery.”

Through a series of fortunate events I was asked to design a page break illustration for David Gange’s new book, The Frayed Atlantic Edge: A Historian’s Journey From Shetland to the Channel.

David was looking for an image that would break up chapters within the book, evoking the essence of his epic coastal voyage on a very small scale. We looked at a few options that could work well and the velvet horn from Cape Cod was the one that we both agreed would be a good fit, but I wanted to do something that was unique to David’s story and more suited to the monochrome print format.

The result was a hand drawn dot work version in pen and ink - you can watch a timelapse of the process here.

Discover more about The Frayed Atlantic Edge at and order your copy at You can also follow David and his onward travels (perhaps to a book festival near you) on Twitter @david_gange.

“If timelessness exists anywhere on earth, it is not in sight of the sea.”
- David Gange