The Frayed Atlantic Edge


The Frayed Atlantic Edge. Photo by David Gange.

The Frayed Atlantic Edge. Photo by David Gange.

“The story of a breath-taking kayak journey along the weather-ravaged coasts of Atlantic Britain & Ireland. Sitting low in the water, as did millions in eras when coasts were key arteries of trade & communication, Gange describes, in captivating prose & loving detail, the experience of kayaking, coastal living, nature & historical discovery.”

In spring 2019 I was commissioned to illustrate a section break for The Frayed Atlantic Edge: A Historian’s Journey From Shetland to the Channel by David Gange, published by William Collins.

David was looking for an image that would flow throughout the book, evoking the essence of his epic coastal voyage on a very small scale within each chapter. We looked at a few options that could work well and agreed that the velvet horn from Cape Cod would be a good fit.

I wanted to make this image unique to David’s story and more suited to the monochrome print format, and so created a line drawing of the seaweed using a dot work technique. You can watch a timelapse of the process here.

I also designed bespoke bookmarks for use at book festival events and general promotion.

In September 2019 David Gange and I presented at Lighthouse Books speaking about coasts, art and the importance of looking closer at the landscape.

You can find out more about The Frayed Atlantic Edge at, order a copy at You can also follow David and his onward travels on Twitter @david_gange.

“If timelessness exists anywhere on earth, it is not in sight of the sea.”
- David Gange