The Nature Library

The Nature Library is a collection of books celebrating the power of words to connect people with nature, popping up at public spaces across Glasgow beginning with Civic House from October 15-30 2019.

The Nature Library will be free to browse downstairs at Civic House from 12-4pm, you can find it in the Project Space on the ground floor at the far end of the canteen.

As we realise that the line between people and nature is fictional, we’re finding the value of giving the landscape our attention. Books can help us do that. Whether painting dazzling scenes of skies and seas, introducing us to flourishing flora and intelligent fauna, or exploring the challenges they each face we begin to see—really see—the wonders of our planet one word at a time, sparking curiosity and a new appreciation for nature at a time when it needs our attention the most. 

Within the library you’ll find the classic and the contemporary, fiction and nonfiction, memoirs, poetry, children’s books and other unfurling branches of nature writing. We hope you find something that takes you somewhere new– to the edge of the sea, into the mountain or up the tallest of trees.

We hope one day to be a real library with books you can check out but for now all of the books have been loaned by the organisers and friends - please don’t them home!

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The Nature Library has been inspired by the John Muir Trust's Wild Words campaign. You can find out more about the campaign here.

We are very gladly accepting donations of nature related books to help the collection grow!
Please get in touch or message on Twitter or Instagram!

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