Seaweed Exhibition at Mayze, Glasgow


I’ll be displaying some some prints on the walls of Mayze in Glasgow this month, showing the a selection of seaweed prints from Skye, Ayrshire and Cape Cod.

The gallery opening night will be on Friday 18 January and the wonderful folk at Mayze will be supplying food, drinks and music for the evening.

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I’m going to try to bring along the original pressings if I can find a way to display them without them breaking into smithereens, so come along if you can or pop into Mayze between then and March to see the prints on the walls! There’ll also be a handful of each available to buy from Mayze, including the framed versions of all those on the wall. These will be the last of this collection before I release a few new pieces I’ve been working on. If you’re not able to visit Mayze in person, these (with the exception of the framed versions) are also available online at

I hope to see you at the launch! If you’d like any more information on the event or the exhibition you can drop me an email at